Indrani Mukerjea’s story : The Sheena Bora murder case and Indrani’s arrest revealed.

This series is based on Indrani Mukerjea’s memoir Unbroken : The Untold Story where she sheds light on the controversial aspects of her life, including the six years she spent in jail.

Indrani Mukerjea’s arrest in 2015 shook Indian society. Indrani, who was accused of framing her daughter Sheena Bora for murder, is now ready to share the details of her case in the upcoming Netflix documentary series ‘The Indrani Mukerjea Story: Buried Truth.

Sheena Bora murder story: Indrani Mukherjee’s arrest brought to light. 

The year 2012 brought a shocking incident to Mumbai that shook the city to its core. Sheena Bora, a woman of high standing, was murdered, leaving people stunned. The case remained puzzling for a period

Indrani Mukerjea, Sheena Bora’s mother, was arrested in connection with the case. Indrani Mukerjea had a complicated life. She was married twice, first to Siddhartha Das, with whom she had Sheena Bora, and later to Peter Mukerjea, a prominent television producer and journalist.

One of the most shocking aspects of this case was that initially, Indrani claimed Sheena was her sister. Sheena was raised believing Indrani was her sister, only to later discover that she was her biological mother.

This incident sparked discussions in society. Indrani Mukerjea’s arrest uncovered a truth and prevented this case from remaining unsolved.

Uncovering the Sheena Bora Case: A Riveting Investigation Series Premiering on 23rd February.

The trailer of the series has increased the excitement of the viewers. The main aim of this series is to investigate the complexities of the Sheena Bora case. It is directed by Urja Bhalla and Shana Levy and is set to premiere on 23rd February.

The trailer of this documentary is rapidly going viral on social media. After receiving information through it, people are feeling a sense of uniqueness and are eager to watch the series.

Indrani Mukerjea’s | Details 

Series Name The Indarani Mukerjea Story
Release Date 23 Feb 2024
Cast Name Anurita Jha and Samaksh Sudi
Director Name Shaana Levy and Uraaz Bahl
Producer Name Terry Leonard
OTT Netflix

The documentary series The Indrani Mukerjea Story : Buried Truth starting with Indrani Mukerjea’s arrest, will acquaint viewers with the truth behind the case.

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