Indian Railways New Venture: Features of the First Amrit Bharat Express.

The Amrit Bharat Express heralds a new era in Indian rail travel, boasting innovative features that set it apart. This revolutionary train, reminiscent of the Vande Bharat model, introduces the country’s first pull-push technology, housing dual engines positioned strategically for optimal propulsion .

Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to start the first Amrit Bharat Express train from Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh on December 30th, which will have only second- and sleeper-class coaches.

Features of the First Amrit Bharat Express Train .

Photos and videos of this new Amrit Bharat Express Train have surfaced. Designed on the lines of the Vande Bharat Train, this is the country’s first pull-push train, equipped with two engines, with the second engine located after the last coach of the train.

These two engines will propel the train. The front engine will pull, while the rear engine will push. The train will run at a speed of 130 km/h,” said Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw at New Delhi Railway Station on Monday. He also mentioned that around 20 to 30 trains of this kind will operate on all routes across the country.

Facilities like mobile charging points and mobile holders are available for passengers on the Amrit Bharat Express Train. These amenities have been installed on the sides for easy access to charging mobile devices.

The interior of the Amrit Bharat Train is particularly special. Unlike the Vande Bharat Train, which is entirely air-conditioned, this train is non-AC. The coaches are entirely covered, giving it a distinct look

Amrit Bharat Train: Fare from Darbhanga to Ayodhya.

For the journey from Darbhanga to Ayodhya, the Amrit Bharat Train has fixed a fare of ₹200 for general compartments and ₹350 for sleeper coaches. The train fares are determined based on the kilometerage, specifically designed to connect Ayodhya to the heartland of Mithila. Travelling from Darbhanga to Ayodhya via the Amrit Bharat Train will cost ₹200 for general compartments and ₹350 for sleeper coaches.

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